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♥ 10.30.15 — Ehhh, I know this is very late and I spent an entire month messing around and got nothing done of what I had planned to get done, but I blame it mostly on Love Live! School Idol Festival not on my half month trip to Vietnam, nope, because I've been wasting my time (and money) with that lately. I'm not quite as busy watching anime as I expected I would be, surprisingly. Actually I'm just actively following the glorious five second seasons (Haikyuu, Noragami, Owari no Seraph, K-Project, Gochuumon) and the continuation of Gintama + DnA and, like, five other anime. Which is not much, for me. There are occasional others I'm still trying to catch up to, because I don't want to drop them just yet, but you know, actually I should be studying, so maybe I should.
So. I'm still getting dazed over Sakurai Takahiro's who will also voice Tsukishima Akiteru can you hear me yelling!!! A+ voice-acting when Miyuki did the king's roar in the latest DnA episode and I'm still dreading the next Haikyuu episode, because it'll hurt my soul, buuuut we'll also get to see more Akaashi so idk. There's nothing very much more to tell, except that I bought a Haikyuu calendar for 2016 from Amiami and was just notified that it was shipped today and I cannot wait ;7; oh and I should be studying and I'm like meh.. Oh! And happy birthday, Lev~♥

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♥ 10.01.15 — I did it! I finished and sent off my last assignment. Now, let me clean my inbox and draw and get even more hyped up for this month of wonders. Yaaas. Finally *3* I didn't get around to draw anything for Tsukishima's birthday, buut since Konoha's was only yesterday, I'm sketching something for him, at least~ Since the OC October challenge starts now, you can keep track of it on my doodle blog. And also, I resumed watching Daiya no Ace today which was another one of my really really bad ideas, because how am I going to squeeze these feels into my tight schedule? u3u

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♥ 09.11.15 — Oops, I haven't updated this for a while. So, a lot of things happened recently and I'm kinda just busy freeing my head, plus focus on that darn written assignment I still need to finish, so that's why I'm not really active at the moment even though I just came back from my vacation. I'll be on a semi-full hiatus until the end of September, I guess, I'm sorry for all the messages that are stacking up in my inbox ;7; I've also just got some friends here to watch Haikyuu!! so we're all counting down the days until the second season's out together. At least that's consistent in my life right now~ Happy belated KageHina day, by the way ♥ oops and I've just spent all my money on some more commissions to make up for my lack of drawings, so there's that.

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♥ 08.18.15"Work more, draw less and complain all day about how you're not getting anything done," that seems to be my motto lately. But at least I have enough money to buy myself some anime merch at the next conventions I'm planning on going. Also, my AkaYona OC's custom outfit by Shalquoire was finally finished, so I've been drawing her and Ki-Ja. I probably won't even use her often aside from rpgs, but I love her and drawing in the AkaYona style somehow suits me more than the Haikyuu!! style atm. Why.

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♥ 08.13.15 — Artblock + work has kept me from drawing lately, but I'm slowly getting back into it, especially since I've been dying to draw Kunimi and Hyo in their female Yukata │D and now I've finally finally got around to sketch it. Also, I just got paid and while I'm keeping aside a little for my contest, I can commission some more of my babies now which is strangely satisfying x3 ♥

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♥ 08.08.15 — What a beautiful day to change the layout of my profile~ Thanks to Sapphire-x-Dreams wonderful coding, it looks less clumped and much more glorious, and worthy of my purple princess image doesn't it? Ahhh, it's perfect and I'm utterly in love with it, thank you soooooo much again, bby! ♥

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